Internship Experience: Obhan and Associates, Research Work, Warm Work Environment

Name, College and Year of Course:

Aishwarya Bedekar, III BSL LLB, ILS Law College, Pune

Worked at:

Obhan and Associates (O&A)

Duration / Terms:

Oct-Nov’2013 and

June-July 2014


Sainik Farms, New Delhi

Work Hours:

9:30 a.m to 6:30 p.m

You Can Contact Them / Apply at:

Work Description:

I worked at Obhan and Assocaiates for two 4 week terms, one each in 2013 and 2014 during the winter and summer breaks respectively. The firm has a fairly strong IPR dispute resolution practice and an excellent trademark and patent compliance department.

I worked with their IPR department in the first term and with their corporate laws department in the second. During both terms of my internship, most of the work and assignments that I got was research oriented. In particular, I

1. Helped in drafting trademark applications, replies to office objections and oppositions,
2.  Prepared research notes for written submissions and
3. Carried out trademark searches

Since I extensively and exclusively worked on trademark law and domain name disputes in the first term, I enjoyed my work at the former stint more than at the latter; wherein I continued researching on the previous IP cases in addition to some research on corporate laws.

Work Environment and Office Composition:

The Firm’s office is located in one of the most prime areas of Delhi. It comprises of 2 managing partners (the Obhans), other partners, 5 advocates and around 10 patent agents. Transport is the only issue since getting inside Sainik Farms is a little difficult. The Firm provides a pick-up and drop cab service. It offers a pick-up at 9 a.m at the Saket Metro Station and a drop at the Firm’s office by 9:30 p.m. The same service is available to the interns in the evenings as well.

Everybody at the office is very friendly and approachable. I could always approach the partners directly if I had any doubt or needed some help. They never hesitated to clear my queries and always gave me some work. By the end of the second term, I became friends with everybody at the O&A office!

In particular, the patent agents also have a lot of interesting patent compliance work which one can try taking up if one has the knack, and the interest. It’s a very good opportunity for law students, especially for those who have a science background. The office is beautiful and has a small pantry as well; which allowed me to live on Chai and Maggi.

Monthly Stipend

Performance Based (if any)

Any Other Insights

It’s a great place for some good quality research work. Even though there aren’t as many Court visits as one would expect, it is undoubtedly a great opportunity to pick up research skills and methodology in Trademark Law.


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