Internship Experience: S. Majumdar & Co., Amazing work, No stipend.

Name, College and Year of Course:

Tanya Srivastava, III BSL LLB, ILS Law College, Pune

Worked at:

Majumdar & Co., Delhi Office.

Duration / Term:



G-48, LGF, Lajpat Nagar Part III,

New Delhi

Tel: +91 11 4610 8738/4109 7455

Fax: +91 11 4109 7456


Work Hours:

9:30 am-6:00 pm (usually did stretch till 7pm), but when there was no work, people used to leave by 6:30 pm. All Saturdays were working.

You Can Contact Them / Apply at:

You can email them on, with a cover letter and your CV. They are usually prompt with their replies. Since I knew one of the lawyers in the firm, it was fairly easy for me to get an internship there.
*Jugaad is never bad*

Work Description:

I had the opportunity to get research work in both patent and trademark matters. So for easy reading, I’ll divide my answer into two parts.


It started with basic trademark search reports, which comprised of phonetic search and word search. Trademark and Patent India website tests your patience to the maximum; it could easily take 20-30 minutes to generate a search report. I had to pick out all the marks from the TM Journal which conflicted with the Clients’ marks. I then had  to draft an opinion providing a legal justification for whether a proposed mark deserved protection. I also made comparative tables as part of evidence to show infringement of the the plaintiff’s registered trademark.

An interesting case I worked on was a one about infringement of trademark which involved two e-commerce sites. The research varied from searching for trade-dress infringement cases to those of  marks registered with generic names.

I got to prepare a few questions as part of cross-examination for a witness in a trademark infringement suit. I was also given the task to draft a settlement application and partly draft a vacation application (ex parte injunction)


I had previously worked in an IPR firm, which made it clear that patents are not going to be my thing, since I lacked a science background. So I already had a mental block against patents, especially against drug patents.

I was wrong; I worked on some really amazing cases, research work was sometimes as basic as searching for precedents that said that ‘oral statements made during proceedings are not binding on any of the parties’ to something as technical as ‘how does one excuse its expert witnesses to be cross examined in Drug Patent matters’.

Although, drug patent cases get extremely technical at times, but it isn’t that hard of a task to understand them.

One of the long-term research projects was a report I prepared, about the trend practiced by the High Courts, in granting ex-parte injunctions, especially in case of drug patent infringements. The threshold for granting these ex-parte injunctions has significantly lowered in the past couple of years (there are a lot of Spicyip posts about this).

I was also given a task to make a presentation on software patents.

Work Environment and Office Composition:

The Firm’s office is located in one of the prime locations in Delhi, it could be a little hard to locate though since the office is situated in a basement. The office isn’t too big, and comprises of around 10-11 people. People are extremely helpful and do not treat you like an intern.They make sure you are busy all the time. Since the work isn’t laborious but rather challenging, it keeps you on your toes most of the time.

But they don’t keep asking for your work or act superior.They will give you your space to work.Occasional court visits were also fun. Unlike other court internships, where you tend to waste time, here the visits were only for work and then back to office.

Any Other Insights

The Lajpat Nagar market was close by, so while going back home in the evening, my co-intern and I used to gorge on some amazing momos!

It is an amazing work-place, it provides you with the right balance between meaningful research work and exposing you to court proceedings.

Monthly Stipend

Unfortunately, none.


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