This Just In + Note on Character Merchandising PPT: GLC Trivandrum wins the National PPT Contest 2015; ILS Pune stands Runner-Up

In today’s fast evolving world, a need was felt for dissemination of knowledge by through various modes of technology and create technological literacy. In light of this thought, Manikchand Pahade Law College, Aurangabad (MPLC) organized The IV National Power Point Presentation Contest, 2015. The contest was conducted in two phases:

(a) Screening Round – all the participants were required to send their presentation entries to the college; and

(b) Final Round – the shortlisted entries from the screening round were required to present their topic in 15 minutes. The Final Round of the Contest was held on January 23, 2015.

Participants from various colleges and universities across the country, such as Delhi, Kharagpur, Pune, Trivandrum, Nashik, Baroda, Ernakulam, Jalgaon and Mumbai presented in the Final Round.

The theme of the competition was dominated by socio-legal issues such as surrogacy, honour killing, black magic, criminalization of politics, juvenile delinquency, and the devadasi system; sensitizing the audience on its social implications. One entry that stood out and dealt with the contemporary issues related to intellectual property rights was based on Character Merchandising.

The first prize was awarded to Mr. A.K. Ananda Krishnan, Government Law College, Trivandrum who presented on the prevalence of and legal issues relating to the Devadasi System. ILS Law College, Pune bagged the second prize, represented by Mr. Harish Adwant and Mr. Ritvik Kulkarni who presented on Character Merchandising, its nature, law and scope in the Indian market.

Following is a brief note on Character Merchandising

(See Powerful Points Presented  for a copy of the presentation)

Note on Character Merchandising:

Character Merchandising refers to the secondary exploitation of a character (fictional or real) by using the (image, name, or appearance) of the same on goods in order to create or increase the consumer’s desire to purchase. It is the commercial usage of the wide popularity of the character for merchandising of goods and services. The value of the product increases in manifolds due to the affinity of the consumer with the character on the product.

A character is protected under The Copyright Act, 1957 to the extent of protecting and creating ownership rights on the original expression of an idea in the form of artistic and literary works. It is further protected by The Trademarks Act, 1999 by a unique symbol ®, used by the manufacturer, when the character is embossed/imprinted on the product to distinguish it from the others.

The Indian Entertainment Industry is growing at a galactic speed. Owing to this, various stakeholders such as Indian Production Houses, Individual Producers, Celebrities, Cartoonists, Magazines, Newspaper Houses, etc. can capitalize on this newly evolved market. Foreseeing the scope and power of this market, there is a need to have a sound legal framework working contemporaneously with the market.

Harish Adwant
ILS Law College, Pune


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