(Non-IP) BREAKING NEWS: Notoriously Unfair S. 66A of the IT Act Struck Down by Supreme Court as Unconstitutional

– Ritvik M. Kulkarni 

There are going to be no flowers at this stone! Image Courtesy: http://trak.in/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/RIP-Section-66A.jpg

The Palghar Girls finally got their share of justice after a Division Bench of the Apex Court held the regressive S. 66A of the Information Technology Act, 2000 to be blatantly in violation of Art. 19(1).

Consisting of Justices J Chelameswar and Rohinton Nariman observed that the provision greatly impacts the right of every member of the public to know and be informed of events on the internet. The Learned Bench found that words such as “annoying” remain extremely vague, and therefore difficult to interpret correctly.  As far the question of “offensive remarks” is concerned, the Bench stated that what may be perceived as offensive by a person or a group of persons may not be concurrent with another person or such group having a different mindset.

All in all, it is probably on of the most welcome judgments in for the Indian democracy. It is commendable that all efforts against this provision were taken by a law student, Shreya Singhal; Indian youth and free-speech supporters are surely thankful!


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