This Just Going Bananas: Kerala’s Changalikodan Banana Granted Geographical Indication Rights!

 By Ritvik Kulkarni, 

The Changalikodan Banana Growers Association, Erumapetty in Thrissur, and Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Cell of the Kerala Agriculture University made a successful attempt to get the Changalikodan Banana registered in the Indian Geographical Indication Registry.

A GI is a status awarded to a product which possesses special qualities that are distinct to its territory of origin. Once granted, only those products which are produced in the said territory are permitted to claim origin from there. This ensures greater market exclusivity and improvement in marketability. Unlike individual rights granted by a copyright or patent,  geographical indication is a community right grant. Only the registered trade association can bring an action for infringement of a geographical indication. In the present context, if a trader from the State of Maharashtra in India sells a Banana from his State as a Changalikodan Banana, or if he claims the use of Changalikodan Bananas in any product, he will be liable for infringement of GI as he was in fact not using Bananas produced in the specific region in Kerala.

The Changalikodan Banana is heavily in demand as offerings on festive occasions in Kerala such as Onam. It is offered to the Divine Kazhchakula at temples throughout the State. Apart from this, the distinctively amazing taste, composition and other nutritious qualities are a few reasons for its raging popularity both inside and outside the State. Be sure to grab a bite of our very own GI protected bananas!


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