This Just In: Certificate IP Courses launched by the Confederation of Industry (CII)


Under its Intellectual Property Education Initiative (CII-IPEI), the CII has announced the launch of various IP Courses on the May 24, 2015.

The CII has been engaging with the Government and other stakeholders to build a strong IP Policy. They have also held and organized several IP events on a national scale. Pursuant to their efforts, they have rolled out the CII-IPEI program with a view to creating a skilled IP Workforce for the industry through their Online Certificate Courses.

The subject matter and nature of these Courses vary from Foundation Courses made for IP Aspirants to Advanced Courses for the further education of IP Professionals envisaging to become experts. Registration is open to all IP aspirants.

Some of the Courses Offered:

Advanced Course on IP Licensing, Auditing and Valuation (IPLAV) [Get Details Here]

Foundation Course on IPR For Business Relevance (Get Details Here)

Some unique features of these Courses:

  • Wide variety of courses developed by notable authors based on the requirements of the industry.
  • Tie-up with leading national and international academic institutions and international bodies.
  • Lectures by esteemed legal luminaries, academicians and stalwarts in the domain of IP having years of experience and a say in shaping India’s policy on IPR.
  • Courses run under the expert guidance of eminent personalities from industry and academia

For more specific details, click here


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