GNLU-Enhelion’s Online Diploma Courses IP Law, Internet Law and Corporate Laws

GNLU, one of India’s premier law schools, has announced the second batch of its online diploma courses. It has continued its partnership with Enhelion for the same. Enhelion is an online education company providing online certified programmes in Management, Law and Engineering. Know more on it here.

Currently these courses will be covering 1) IP Laws and Management; 2) Internet Laws and Policy and 3) Corporate Laws and Management.

The duration of these courses will span over one year; at the end of which successful candidates will receive diplomas certified by GNLU.

The fees for each of these courses are Rs. 15,000/– for Indian students and $400 for others.

Given below is an extensive description of the IP course offered. These details have been procured from GNLU’s site. Click here to visit their page.

For more information on the course on Internet Laws, click here and for that on the Corporate Laws, click here 

IP Laws and Management 


  • Any student who is pursuing or has finished an undergraduate degree in any discipline including law, business management etc
  • Any professional is also eligible for applying to this course
  • Documents required: 10th Class Pass certificate, 12th Class Marksheet, Undergraduate certificate [if applicable], Post graduate certificate [if applicable]

Instructional System

[Online learning] the instructional system consists of:

  • Self-instructional material
  • Audio-video/Digital programmes
  • Online Support
  • Interactive Counseling [Mentor Monitored Programmes]
  • Live online classroom sessions


July 2015 – July 2016 [The first online live lecture will take place in the first week of July 2015]

Modules taught in the programme

Module 1: Understanding the IP Ecosystem

Module 2: Fundamentals of Intellectual Property

Module 3: Protection of Intellectual Property

Module 4: Enforcement of Intellectual Property

Module 5: Strategic Issues in Commercialization of IP

Module 6: Intellectual Property Licensing and Franchising

Module 7: Intellectual Property Management Issues

Module 8: Brand Management and Commercial Opportunity

Module 9: Risk Management

Module 10: Intellectual Property Valuation

Module 11: Intellectual Property Valuation Methodologies & Case Studies

Module 12: Anti Competition Issues

Module 13: Compliance Issues in a Borderless Economy

Module 14: Technology Transfer and Intellectual Property Rights

Module 15: Supplemental Material


The Evaluation System for the Diploma course in Intellectual Property: Law, Policy and Practice consists of two components:

  • Two online MCQ based tests [One in the fifth month and one in the twelfth month of the programme]
  • 1 Project Assignment to be submitted online in the last month of the programme



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