Internship Experience: Wadia Ghandy & Co. (Dispute Resolution Practice), Mumbai| Good Work| Rs. 1500/- Westside Voucher

 Name and Contact Details:

Ritvik M. Kulkarni, ILS Law College Pune

Duration, Timings and Other:

November 2014 : : 4 Weeks : : 10.00 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Points to Note:

1st and 3rd Saturdays are working days.

The Bombay High Court is on vacation till first week of November, so workload may be less in these days.  

Name and Description of Firm:

Wadia Ghandy & Co. (“WG”)

Among the oldest law firms in India, WG is a full practice firm with its headquarters in Mumbai. Mr. Ashish Ahuja and Mr. Dhawal Mehta are Joint-Managing Partners of the firm.

WG Mumbai’s operations are divided into three broad practice areas housed in two adjacent buildings in Fort Mumbai. This is most important for interns, as you will be given a choice between the three areas, viz. Dispute Resolution Practice (Arbitration and Litigation), Corporate Practice (PE, Banking, Aviation, IP etc.) and the Real Estate Practice. Once you make the choice, you will be assigned to the respective partner.

Application Procedure

You can mail the HR, Ms. Nikeeta Kaspale at

Be Prepared With:

(These things are not expressly required by the firm but will help you work better at the internship)  

  1. Formal Wear: Blazer over white shirt (and preferably a tie too) and black trousers (casuals on Saturdays)
  2. Basics of the CPC: You can read up these basics from C.K Takwani. No pressure, just give it a glance; focus on the meaning of an order, how you get it etc. And most importantly read on Pleadings, i.e. Plaint and Written Statement.
  3. Basics of Arbitration Law and Procedure: Google the basic framework for both Indian and International Commercial Arbitration.

Be Prepared To/For:

(All things may not be applicable to all persons at all times, so please bear with me if you experience something better or worse than I)

  1. Read a Lot of (Huge) Briefs: Remember, the most important parts of a brief are the pleadings and any orders/judgments attached. Most other annexure is not important for us.
  2. Research: The usual
  3. Attend the High Court on a Daily Basis: When I was there, we attended Courtroom No. 22 the most. Since at the time Justice S. J. Kathawalla was hearing company and arbitration matters. I also attended proceedings in the Mumbai City Civil Court once. Running around in the Court can get exhausting, but sometimes good arguments and hearings can be refreshingly productive for us.
  4. Attend Briefing Sessions with Counsel: These can be some of the most enriching times of an aspiring litigation/arbitration lawyer. Observe their brilliance and learn from it. Take notes!
  5. Work Longer Hours: Only if required by your senior.
  6. For Lesser Work at Times: The workload may fluctuate, so be prepared.
  7. For no Stipend: I did get a Westside voucher for Rs. 1500/-, but I have heard that they have discontinued the practice.


Workplace and its Inhabitants:

Personally, it shouldn’t matter to interns as to how many and what kind of people you are going to be working with; unless they are really rude or crass, in which case you should avoid applying there.

That said, the people at WG (Dispute Resolution) are awesome, but highly professional. Treat them with respect (and good work) and they will reciprocate (with good workload). Just a tip, get to know the names of all partners and associates when you start working!


I’m a local resident, so no problems over there.

Closing Arguments:

All in all, it’s not just another brick in the wall; WG is one of the best dispute resolution firms in India and is just as good for interns to work in it. For one, I got the chance to work on a very high profile arbitration matter and conducted heavy research on the (judicially undecided) points emanating from it. This is the moment you are going to realize exactly HOW Court and Arbitration proceedings are different and disconnected from moot courts.


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