Internship Experience @ R.K Dewan & Co., Pune || Decent Work, No Stipend

Name of law firm: R.K Dewan and Co. at Model Colony, Pune

Location: Pune

Application Process: There are essentially two steps to apply; the first comprising of a mail to and the second comprising of writing a 500-word piece on a contemporary IP issue allotted to you by the HR. If you pass this screening test, they will call you for a personal interview in which they essentially test your basic IP knowledge.

Accommodation: I am a local resident of Pune, so no issues there. Like most other residents, I travelled to office on my bike.

Duration: 4 weeks; working hours from 9:00 am – 6:30 pm.

First Impression: Having its headquarters in Pune, RKD has a really swanky two-storey office in Model Colony, Pune. On the first day I was asked to sign a confidentiality agreement and was then introduced to RKD’s litigation and prosecution team.

Main Tasks: My main tasks included reading and researching on:

  1. The law of trademark infringement
  2. Preparing copyright and trademark application (drafts)
  3. Reading briefs in relation to trademark infringement suits.

A major chunk of my work included using the Trademark Registry (TMR) website to conduct public search for trademarks

Work Environment and People: The litigation team has roughly 10-15 members and I am unaware of the exact number of lawyers and patent agents working at the firm. The people are quite nice to work with; none of them will ever speak rudely to you or pressurize you into working in a particular way. But there are more than a few times when you will be longing for some good quality work (and sometimes for any work).

The Bad: In my opinion, one of the stronger negatives was that I did not have the opportunity to attend any Court (or other) proceedings. The other bad part is that they don’t pay a stipend

The Good: The good part is that you get to learn a lot about trademark law and the entire process of protecting it after registration.


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