The Torch We Shall Carry: The Father of Indian Innovation Passes Away at 83

apj-abdul-kalam-saptarshi-ghoshBy Ritvik Kulkarni

To the Man who taught us to dream with conviction:

The Torch We Shall Carry

R. M. Kulkarni

When the parchments shied away in darkness,

When the night snatched away from it the light to knowledge,

But he chose to defy nature’s direction,

And spread his wings of fire, to illuminate his way to enlightenment.  

Synchronized with undying perseverance,

his heart beat to ignite his mind,

T’wasn’t just a need to earn, he housed the passion to simply learn.

Despite having complete clarity on its sheer difficulty,

he nevertheless chose to tread on the dreadful path,

leaving nothing behind in vain.

He strived and he failed, he rose and he fell,

But gave up he never,

For his goal was approaching near.

Trained by technological maestros,

He joined hands with stalwarts of his field,

And slogged his way to glory,

As the nation only just felt the new jewel in her crown.

 When we dreamt of touching the clouds,

He held the nation’s finger, and launched us into space.

And when we craved a safe abode in our nation,

He toiled alongside his team,

To build a brilliant missile; causing our neighbors to shudder in pain.

But the Missile Man of India, wasn’t just a the most dynamic rocket scientist,

He truly was the Father of Indian Education, with an aim to teach the world,

The importance to learn, learn and learn.

A new hope now burned in the eyes of every student,

To excel in his life, only to serve our nation;

As a million of us put pen on paper,

He responded to each and every single student’s letter.

In his journey from being a Paperboy to President,

Every breath he took, he invested in the betterment of a student’s life.

And now when the sun upon him has set for eternity,

  Dr. Avul Pakir Jainulabdeen Abdul Kalam,

We salute you with a back most upright.

For the vision you dreamt for us, shall not diffuse in vain,

Its flames shall ignite a thousand minds a day,

Through the torch we shall carry from today!


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