Internship Experience @ Bharucha and Partners, Mumbai (Corporate Office)||Good Work||No stipend

Krishna Muralidharan, IV BSL LLB, ILS Law College, Pune


28th October, 2015 – 25th November, 2015

Office Details:

2nd Floor,

9, Hague Building,

Sprott Road, SS Ram Gulam Marg,

Ballard Estate,

Fort, Mumbai – 400001


Working Hours:

Office hours were from 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM. However, interns were expected to stay longer till the work assigned to them is completed. On the other hand, you couldn’t leave early if you don’t have work except with the permission of the associate.

Application Procedure:

The Application Form is to be filled online along with an updated Curriculum Vitae on the Bharucha and Partners website.

Office description:

The Ballard Estate Office is the corporate office of Bharucha and Partners, Mumbai. It is located on the 2nd floor of Hague Building right next to Britannia Cafe. The office has a reception desk, conference rooms, chambers for the Partners, chambers for the associates, interns area, pantry, Xerox area and clean washrooms. The office has a pretty diverse library covering almost all fields of law.

Area of work:

The work assigned to me involved research on Taxation Law, Contract Law, Company Law, Muslim Personal Law, a little bit of Due Diligence and drafting. There were days when all you did was clerical work like taking print-outs and typing, which is true of most internships.

Work environment:

The work environment at Bharucha and Partners is quite formal. Interactions between associates and interns are fairly limited to the work assigned. The associates are, however, pretty approachable when it comes to work related queries. The inflow of work depends on availability and there were days when no one had any work but was forced to stick around till 7:00 PM anyway. It is, however, advisable to ask for work but not too often in which case the associates tend to get irritated.


No stipend.


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