Internship Experience @ J Sagar Associates, Mumbai||Friendly Environment, Good Work||Rs. 6,000/- Stipend

Nikita Panse, IV BSL LLB, ILS Law College, Pune

Worked at:

J Sagar Associates, Mumbai.

Office Details:

18 Sprott Road,

Ballard Estate,

Mumbai, Maharashtra – 400001

Contact No. – +91 22 4341 8600

Application procedure:

The procedure generally followed is applying by filling the form on the JSA website. However, you can also try emailing your resume along with your cover letter to Also, applying at least 6 months in advance in highly recommended as internship spots fill up quickly. Also, save dates from the first of the month to the last day of the month; they generally do not appreciate people joining in the middle of the month.

About the office:

On the first day, Mr. Zafrulla Sharrif (HR Manager) will conduct a briefing session in which you will have to fill a form indicating your area of preference. Based on that, you will be allotted to one of the 3 floors. At JSA, there is no team allocation like other firms. Teams of associates and partners are spread out quite evenly; although on the third floor one may find more of litigation and arbitration work. Even if allotted to a particular floor, you can approach anyone in the entire office for work. The method is to approach the associate/partner, introduce yourself, and ask for work.

Internship Assignments

I happened to intern in November which is why the work load was quite less as the Courts were shut during the holidays. But I got a fair amount of work panning from researching on company law provisions to assisting in drafting offer documents for IPOs to due diligence etc. Like I mentioned before, the work you get depends on, A) who you approach, and B) what preferences you mention in the form.

Work Hours

Interns are expected to reach the office before 9:30 PM. When you leave the office depends on how much work you have. There were people who stayed till 2 AM or 3 AM. Although there are some associates who do not encourage girls to work in the office post 9 PM. and come to the office early in the morning by 6 AM or 7 AM instead.

Work Environment

The work environment is friendly but formal. If you are expecting an extension or a call back, then there is a level of competition that you have to face because JSA takes around 30 interns at one time. Everyone in the office is approachable, right from the junior associates to the partners.


If you end up working beyond 9 PM. then your travelling expenditure is reimbursed by the firm. Same is the case with dinners post 10 PM.  Along with a stipend of Rs. 6,000/- (1,500 for every week), you also get SODEXO coupons worth Rs. 1,200 which can be used in almost all restaurants around the office. Tea, coffee and green tea is provided round the clock; all you have to do is ask the peons to make it for you.

Places to chill

Right next to the office are two great restaurants called National and Brittania which serve pretty good food. They deliver to the office and accept SODEXO coupons. There is also a pretty nice lunch room on the 3rd floor.


Fort area has a lot of PGs and hence accommodation is not an issue. I was staying in a flat which is about 7 minutes walking distance from the office.


Rs. 6,000/- for 4 weeks.


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