Travelers of Frost: Stories of Law Grads who Changed their Path

An Introductory Note from Deepakar Livingston, Advocate, Bombay High Court

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In a beautiful life filled with opportunities, we always wish for a career of our choice. As life pans out, we see a gradual shift in our own decisions.  Before taking the final call, we find ourselves obligated to amend and align our wants with those of our parents, relatives and the “society”.

Unsurprisingly, many of us chose law (seems like a few are  nodding already) upon being influenced by a relative/family friend to take the black or left without any other viable option. Investing five years of your life in a Pandora’s Box… Not knowing if you would want to become a lawyer, is not a safe option at all.

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That said, there is also an absolute beauty attached to those 5 years of law life. You might stumble upon and adopt an altogether different career while pursuing legal education! There are many people around us who have invested 5 years in this Pandora box and still managed to think out of it! They have taken the path less traveled.

We know a few standout people who went through 5 years of law just to find their true self inter alia as a professional sportsman, German translator, dancer, an adventure expert, an actor, travel journalist and bureaucrat.  We would like to speak to them and informally publish it in an interview/conversation format here as and when possible.

There are plenty of unique things around us that fascinate us now and then. It is all about if we take a call to invest our future in it and excel in that!

Let us get to know a bit of it from these people and explore further and farther!

I have been planning for this idea for over a year now. Please let us know your thoughts and the whereabouts of someone whom we/you can interview/converse with; with the sole qualification that they should have graduated law and went on to change their profession.

Our first conversation with one of my seniors will be up soon! We would be glad if you would want to be part of this process. Hopefully, many of you might find your true dream and even comment below that you do not want to be a lawyer; in which case we will surely catch up with you for an interview soon.

Disclaimer: This note and subsequent interviews are not to dissuade from pursuing law but only to enlighten you of the various careers you may fall in love with and which you are already day-dreaming.


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