Internship @ Samvad Partners || Great work, No stipend, IPR and Civil matters

By Chaitanya Reddy
ILS Law College

Worked at :

Samvad Partners, Chennai.

Address: 11/6, 2nd floor, Railway colony 3rd Street

Nelson Manickam road, Aminjikarai, Chennai 600 029, India.

Duration of internship:

June 2016

Working hours:

5 days working, with Saturdays and Sundays off. Interns are expected to reach office around 10:00 AM and they can leave from 6:30 PM onwards. If there is any urgent work, the associates may tell you to stay past this official time.

Application process:

I have sent a mail to and mails can be sent to

Office and work description:

The office is located in a decent area in an apartment. There are three associates along with the partner and administrative personnel at the office.

On my first day I was given an orientation of my work and was assigned to Abraham Mathew (Intellectual Property Rights Team). Since Samvad’s Chennai office deals with cases dealing with intellectual property rights, I dealt mainly with trademarks, patents and copyrights. Another associate deals with company law cases and other civil matters such as arbitration law.

Interns are given work by any of the associate when needed. While the associates and administrative staff maintain an interactive and congenial environment, they take work very seriously. The partner, Mr. Rohan Geroge, frequently interacts with the interns and keeps a note on their work despite his busy schedule. Every Tuesday interns are supposed to join conference call with Bangalore and Mumbai offices along with the associates. Here they deal with a new topic every week.

The work assigned to me was majorly research based. I researched on the provisions of various IPR statutes. Every intern is assigned with a long term research work on a topic; I chose to deal with ‘The amendments in Patent Rules – Patent (Amendment) Rules 2016’. During my internship, I got a very fruitful opportunity to observe an arbitration case. The very basics of every topic will be first part of every research for an intern.

There are two slots for interns for each month at the Chennai office. I had a co-intern from Jindal Global law School.

Work Environment:

The work environment is formal.I was given basic research work by my associate in the morning session and the afternoon session of my work involves the actual case work that a firm does. This method of working makes you learn the subject rather than just jumping directly into case laws and solve an issue. They made certain that I always had enough work and also took the special effort to explain to me how a particular task would help me in my academic development.

“Never think a doubt is silly, ask and clarify it. You are here to learn and we are here to teach you da”

– Abraham (I thank him for encouraging me to be inquisitive).

Breaks and Bites

The office is near to Ampa Skywalk (Shopping complex) where you get different varieties of good food. An alternative is ordering from the office. I used to order with Abraham from a Kerala restaurant. The office is provided with a kitchen room where associates make coffee and green tea. Interns are free to make use of kitchen room.



The Good:

The good part is that you get to learn a lot about trademark law and the entire process of protecting it after registration. The best part of my internship was working with Abraham. Each and every associate and the partner are the best part of the firm.

The Bad :

Nothing other that the hot summer weather in Chennai.


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