Yojit Pareek of ILS Pune on getting a PPO with DSK Legal, the art of networking and lessons from mooting

17098276_10210507617581041_6559490668298556114_nYojit is a final year student from ILS Law College; where he served as one of the Coordinators of the ILS Intellectual Property Rights Cell, performed well at national and international moots and played an instrumental role in the organization of several national and intra-college events.  He is also the newest addition to DSK Legal’s taxation practice at Mumbai.

  1. Let’s begin with the most used cliche: What inspired you to pursue a career in law?

To be very honest I was clueless regarding my career choices until the very end of my 12th standard. I was trying my luck in the charted accountancy course. In my course structure, I had law as a subject which I liked the most. So I enquired about the field. I had a word with a few lawyers and law students. I found the law to be a very interesting field which opens up a lot of career options.

  1. You have interned with reputed firms like Khaitan and Co, Wadia Ghandy and Solomon & Co.; tell us a little bit about bagging these internships and your experience working for them.

Most of my internships have been confirmed through contacts and acquaintance barring one or two. My internships have been much planned right from the beginning and therefore I had a clear idea as to where I wanted to work. I began with working at tier two firms and I have always been fortunate to have really good mentors. I have got really interactive mentors in my internships. I have got good exposure at all the places. I have interned in a variety of subjects such as real estate and land laws, taxation laws, corporate laws, and arbitration. My mentors made sure that I learn something out of the internship.

  1. It’s a common belief among law students that good internships require great contacts. Your take?

 I wouldn’t disagree with this as I have also got a few good internships through contacts only. Of course, I was fortunate enough to have them. Getting an internship doesn’t matter what matters is what have you gained out of it at the end of it. It’s as simple as that contacts may open the door for you in an easy manner but you have to climb up on your own, contacts wouldn’t help you in a long run.

  1. How was your experience from working with a Judge from the High Court of Rajasthan? How is it different from interning with a law firm or an individual practitioner? Do you aspire to assume a judicial office in the future?

Working with a Judge was a memorable experience for me. I always wanted to explore how our judiciary works. As I have mentioned before I had a structure in place for my internships. I worked with Hon’ble Justice Alok Sharma (Rajasthan High Court) he was a great person to work with. Every day after court we both use to sit and discuss things for a substantial period of time. I asked him once that sir why do you review every order for 10 times he answered simply that whatever he says holds a lot of value and they will be further cited to different places.

  1. You seemed to have immense experience in organizing college competitions at the internal and national level; please tell us how they have added to your skill set. Can you tell us more about the importance of acquiring leadership skills in college?

Organizing events in college is the one thing which will make you learn a lot of things starting from how you should approach people, how to get things done from the college authorities and above all how to work with people from different minds. I have organized a lot of conferences, Intra and Intercollege moots, and Negotiation challenge. Organizing all this have molded me into a better person. Organizing has taught me how to take people along with you while leading which is a very important attribute for future.

  1. You seem to have a great mooting stint as well; can you tell us more about the role mooting has played in your growth as a student?

I wouldn’t say it a great stint but a considerable one though. I have always chosen moots where I get to learn something new which is not in my course structure. For example, I went to the coveted GIMC Moot in my 4th year which is a unique trade law moot. From my participation in GIMC, I got to learn about WTO proceedings in great depth. Mooting has always taught me to explore new things and channelize my time well. I owe a positive change in my research skills to mooting only. I have always mooted for the knowledge and apart from knowledge whatever I win is a bonus.

  1. And now for the golden question: Spill the beans on getting a PPO from DSK Legal! Please don’t spare any details.

Well, I got lucky with this one. I was sure of the fact that this is the place I would love to work at. My mentor played a very big role in getting my PPO sorted, I owe this one him. I interned with DSK thrice in the same team. There is no straight jacket formula of getting a PPO according to me it all depends on the trust factor basically you have to make your seniors feel that they can trust you with work. Start involving yourself with work and always do the positive interaction with your seniors. I think if a person is hardworking and at the same time knows how to talk with bosses on the RIGHT TIME then PPO is a cake walk.

  1. How did you learn from your consecutive internships at DSK?

So as I mentioned I interned there thrice. During my first internship, I got to know which department suits my best interest and who is who of the firm. My first internship got sorted through a contact and later ones were my call backs. I got a very good mentor during all three of my internships he coached me well with the law and with the work. I made a few goof-ups during my time there but my mentor took it in good spirit and told me the ways how I can improve myself. He always used to say that you will reach wherever you are destined to so just wait for the right moment.

  1. Did you take a shot at the ILS Placement system? Would you recommend ILS students to enroll in the placement cell or would you rather recommend the internship-placement method?

 I enrolled myself with the ILS placement cell, I wasn’t sure though about that being a good decision or not. I haven’t really appeared for any interview with the placement cell. I’ll suggest everyone to at least try it because you never know where and how you land up a job.It is always good to keep your options open.

  1. Lastly, we want you to give us a few words of advice for the juniors on how to tailor their 5 long years of legal education?

I’ll suggest everyone that be a little chilled out with things. You don’t need to take strain unnecessarily. Do your things plan them well and make the best out of this place. Never stop interacting with people make friends with your juniors and seniors, go and try random things there is so much to do here. Never sit idle, always keep on doing something. It is a beautiful place to be at your 5 years will fly like fairy dust and you wouldn’t even realize it so just be yourself do what you like.


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