This Just In: Code of Conduct for Pharma Marketing Now in Action; Applicable to Medical Devices Industry

– Ritvik M. Kulkarni

The Uniform Code of Pharma Marketing Practices (UCMP) was issued by the Department of Pharmaceuticals (DoP) in December 2014. However, these well spirited rules left the pharma industry in a bit of confusion as people stakeholders were left wondering whether or not the Code is applicable to the medical devices industry.

Passing a clarification order to that effect, the DoP recently cleared all doubts surrounding the aforementioned question and answered it in the affirmative. The full text of the UCMP can be accessed here.

Points to be Noted M’ Lord:

  1. Pharma Companies should not make any personal gifts to make medical practitioners (since they are in a position to prescribe drugs)
  2. Healthcare professionals should not be supplied by pharma corporate players with other gratifications such as free air tickets, bus rides, paid vacations etc.
  3. No person who is incapable to prescribe drugs should be supplied with any free samples of drugs
  4. The final responsibility for adherence of the Code rests upon the Managing Director / The CEO of the concerned company.