This Just In: Messi scores before EU General Court in a seven-year battle to register eponymous mark

By its recent decision dated 26 April 2018 in Messi Cuccittini v EUIPO – J-M.-E.V. e hijos (MESSI), the General Court of the European Union (General Court) has upheld Lionel Messi’s trademark application for ‘MESSI’ for use on sports and gymnastics clothing, footwear and equipment. Here’s a graphic representation of Messi’s trademark:

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ILS IPR Cell: Session on Basic Principles of Intellectual Property and Copyright Law

Back to Basics!

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The first session on basics of IP Law was conducted by Ms. Aishwarya Bedekar and Ritvik M. Kulkarni.

Here, the Cell has briefly discussed the idea that is Intellectual Property, and the justification, requirement and modes of its protection. Similarly the Presenters also exhaustively discussed about the roots, emergence, and evolution of Copyright Law throughout the world. You will find charts and other visual aids in support of the discussions conducted given. Students of ILS Law College (and others as well) may submit their feedback and opinions on the presentation to Mr. Ritvik M. Kulkarni @ OR drop a comment right here!

Click here for the PPT file–> Presentation on Basic Principles of Intellectual Property and Copyright Law