The Pomegranate Series, Episode 1

IP Fundamentals

Season 1, Episode 1 (Pilot): Welcome to IP

IP is a mega-discipline not only because of the sheer vastness of the subject, but also because of its unique ability to form a symbiotic relationship with almost every other field of law.  In a field where the center of attraction is any subject-matter that is created out of intellectual/mental labour, the urge to explore the limitless world of IP is irresistible.  The Cell, through this blog series, endeavors to re-introduce to all of you the mega-interesting concept(s) of Intellectual Property (IP).

This short series has been created for those curious cats who, whilst being privy to the “Basics” of this subject, are still keen to fully understand the intricacies within the basics of the subject. For one of the best ways to understand a subject is to acquire the skill to distinguish between similar concepts of one subject; the same way a Trade Mark has the ability to distinguish between similar goods manufactured by different owners (more on this in the following episodes). As for those among you who couldn’t possibly attend any of the sessions for paucity of time, this series is the simplest way for you to get introduced to the curiously amazing world of Intellectual Property Rights.

Every new episode of this season is a step closer to fully understanding a subject which in today’s world, is one of the most lucrative options for any lawyer working in any form of the profession. While we promise to do our best, any effort would be incomplete without your active participation. If you have a doubt, query, suggestion of new topics to discuss, or if you want to share your insight and/or take on a particular subject, you are encouraged to post comments on the series at any time. To satisfy your IP-tite, tune into this blog for the next episode of The Pomegranate Series.

In the words of Francis Underwood,

Welcome Back.

– Ritvik M. Kulkarni
ILS Law College, Pune