Twenty Questions with Chiteisri Devi: A Lawyer turned Anthropologist and Environmentalist!

Interviewed by Deepakar Livingston, Advocate, Bombay High Court:

Chiteisri Devi graduated from ILS Law College in 2010 with a First Class Degree. Back then; she was one of the most active students at our college. Chiteisri is known for her love towards the Environment. She is currently pursuing her Masters in Anthropology, Environment and Development at University College London.

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Via the Curfew Channel: Let’s Eat Grandma (Cannibalism 101)

Here’s presenting the first of the many great posts to be published by ‘The Curfew Channel’. This post on Cannibalism has been co-authored by Parvesh Baba and Rajmohan CV, both students of the ILS Law College, Pune.  They offer a robust and objective analysis both for and against the practice of cannibalism. It was first posted here. Please read on to get a better understanding of one of the least discussed phenomenons in common life. 


Cannibalism 101:

Cannibalism is something that has always brought out intense distaste and disgust in our society. The idea of it being immoral has existed in society from time immemorial. For the sake of introductions, cannibalism is the act of a human being consuming another human being who is dead or alive. Even if only a certain part of a human being is consumed by another it still constitutes cannibalism and so does the act of eating your own human flesh. Cannibalism can occur with or without murder of another being. The issue of whether the act when facilitated by murder is justified under dire circumstances, came up for consideration in the very famous case of Queen v Dudley and Stevens. Continue reading